About Lotus Park Films

Lotus Park Films originated in the Bronx, NY when local and diverse photographers and videographers decided to connect and create their very own collective. With dreams of taking the city by storm Lotus Park has worked nonstop since its birth to provide its clients with amazing visuals while also working on a few projects of their own.

From directing independent short films to creating visuals with local and international artist, each member contributes their own unique skills allowing LPF to become a limitless force. Full of youthful, vibrant artist Lotus Park Films can assure any client that they will be provided with skill, precision and imaginative work that will consistently exceed expectation.


Dramé Kanji Francina           (@KanjiFrancina)

Dramé Kanji Francina is a New York based DP and photographer.  With hopes to one day become a renowned cinematographer and establish himself in his city and abroad.


Dom Pagan               (@dc.Productions)

Dom Pagan is a New York/LA based female videographer passionate about film making and photography. She aspires to become an award winning director.

ak photo.jpg

Akaniyene Essien             (@the33rdchamber)

Akaniyene Essien is a New York based filmmaker, music video director, and jedi. The a7s is his weapon of choice.


Sony A7S ii


Pilot Fly H2 Stabilizer

Zhiyun Crane 2




DJI Mavic Pro




Davinci Resolve 14

Advanced coloring and editing software